About Hanover County GIS

Hanover County recently celebrated its 12th year of providing real estate, assessment, and GIS data on-line. The web site has processed millions of transactions and queries since its inception. Based on research of private and public web sites that offer the same or similar services and data, the County determined that the web site offers a balanced approach to serving the needs of County citizens and businesses while respecting citizen privacy. This internet web page is not intended to infringe on any County citizens privacy as the sole purpose for the development of this web page is to make it easier for private companies to conduct business in Hanover County. The County has taken great strides to ensure that the data being provided on this web site is necessary for business purposes.

This web site contains mapping data developed and maintained by Hanover County GIS. The map data has been linked to ownership and assessment data provided by the Commissioner of the Revenue and Assessment Departments. In addition, the GIS Office worked with the Registrar and School Board to include information on voting and school districts. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the mapping and tabular data presented, but errors will always be an issue. If you find errors with any of the data please contact the GIS Office.

Hanover County’s GIS became operational in 1995 primarily in support of implementation of the County’s Enhanced 911 program. The County’s GIS originally included fourteen planimetric-based (physical features) data layers, street centerlines, street addresses, and tax parcel boundaries. Additional data layers have since been developed, including historic and battlefield sites, towers, land use, zoning, digital aerial photography, flood plains, and water and sewer data. Today the GIS has over 300 data layers.

County GIS staff maintain 25 of these data layers on a regular basis. Standard map products are produced for distribution, including tax maps, zoning maps, topographic maps, address map books, aerial photographs, and a County street map. In addition, a number of custom maps are available that depict election districts, school districts, etc.

The County has expanded its access to GIS data for staff and the public using web-based technology. A series of intranet (internal) web pages have been developed to provide general access to GIS data for all County staff and to meet specific Department GIS needs. The GIS program is designed to leverage data that is maintained by other County management information systems. Hence, the ownership and assessment data that is displayed on this web page is actually maintained by the Commissioner of the Revenue and the Assessor. The design of the County’s GIS is such that individual Departments continue to be responsible for their data while the GIS provides staff and the public an easy to use application to review County data.